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When traveling to new destinations
Obtain as much information about your destination as you can. Friends or acquaintances that have previously vacationed in the area can be a good source of information regarding attractions, restaurants and discount hotels. Ask them to share their experiences and get their ideas on what they would do different the next time. The Internet is a great source for free information and travel advice. Check out our
destination guides for in-depth traveler information on thousands of cities all over the world. Upon arrival the hotel concierge or other hotel employees can be a wealth of information.  Ask for their suggestions and opinions on the attractions you intend to visit. 

How to save money
Many cities have more than one airport, or are located near other airports in adjacent cities. If you are prepared to do some additional driving you might want to check the fares to and from these airports for savings. In other words, if youíre headed for San Francisco you might find that a flight to Oakland is significantly cheaper. Itís possible you will find savings on a rental car as well. For a discount hotel room keep in mind that a hotel located at the fringe of a city is oftentimes cheaper than a comparable hotel located in the heart of the city. Assuming you donít mind the extra driving time, these tips can save you money on airfare and a luxury discount hotel.

Go with the flow
Planning a trip or vacation is exciting in itself. Searching for the best prices on flights, discount hotels, and car rentals is part of the excitement and something we all do. Everybody wants to find a bargain price. As vacation time draws near the anticipation we feel is exhilarating. We canít wait to leave because we know that getting there is half the fun. But, now, more than ever, with every seat in the aircraft occupied and flights, more often than not, oversold; minor problems can occur. Problems with luggage, late arrivals/departures and missing connections can happen.   But seasoned travelers know; that you canít plan for every eventuality. It doesnít make sense to get worked up about something you have no control over. Youíll enjoy your vacation more if you make the best of the situation at hand. Itís the best advice we know.

3, 4 and 5 Star hotels
We specialize in the marketing of luxury affordable hotels the world over. Our affordable 3, 4 and 5 star hotels are comprised of intimate, exclusive and highly individualized establishments. These hotels showcase the best of all worlds. Situated in first-rate locations; they offer an abundance of premium facilities, exceptional activities and extraordinary service.
We are proud to offer these sumptuous affordable hotel accommodations. Our luxury 3 star, 4 star and 5 star hotels are escapes from the norm and represent your best opportunity to enjoy incomparable world-class destinations, faultless service and outstanding activities at better than expected prices.
We work hard to put the best in affordable hotels, resort properties and discount hotel rooms right at your fingertips. We invite you to join the thousands of others who have found Triptactics to be the perfect source for their luxury affordable hotel requirements. Find more of the comfort and luxury you demand, modify the cheap hotel benchmark and move up to properties offering more than just the essentials, upgrade to our luxury discount hotels and prepare to savor the peace of mind and intimate pleasure associated with a choice 3 star, 4 star and 5 star hotel accommodation from
Triptactics.com is proud to be the   "UNEQUALED PROVIDER"  of luxury discount hotels and discount hotel rooms.